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Full Day $28

Give your pup the ultimate day of fun and socialization! Our full-day package, priced at just $28, offers all the excitement and playtime your dog needs. Anything beyond 5 hours is considered a full day, ensuring your furry friend has a blast with us.

Half Day $18

Short on time? No problem! Our half-day option, priced at $18, is perfect for dogs needing a quick playdate. It covers daycare sessions less than 5 hours, from drop-off to pick-up, providing your pup with a fun-filled experience.

Hourly $10

For the utmost flexibility, our hourly rate is just $10 per hour. Pay as you go, billed by the hour, to tailor your dog’s daycare experience to your schedule. It’s a convenient way to ensure your furry companion gets the attention and care they deserve, whenever you need it.

Feeding Solutions

Stock up on feeding bowls, treats, and specialized diets to ensure each pup receives the nourishment they need.

Restful Retreats

Browse through a selection of quiet and cozy corners, including crates and private spaces, where dogs can take a break and recharge.

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