Frequently Asked Questions



Why is Zoomie World the right place for my dog?

We are dedicated to providing nothing short of first-rate care for your furry best friend. We set out to make Zoomie World a special place for dogs to play and stay. The Zoomie World team works hard to ensure that the facility is a fun, safe and welcoming environment, giving your dogs the love and attention they need when you can’t be there. Zoomie World provides socialization and exercise that your dog craves in a loving and safe environment. Dogs are social beings and thrive on interaction with people and other dogs. Dogs are happier and better adjusted when they are well exercised.

What is the price for the services?

Dog Daycare:

  • Full Day: $28
  • Half Day: $18
  • Hourly: $10
  • Multiple Pet Discounts available

Overnight Boarding:

  • Night Stay: $32 (6 PM to 9 AM)
  • Day and Night Stay: $60


  • 5-Day Package: $135
  • 10-Day Package: $260
  • 20-Day Package: $500
  • ULTIMATE Subscription: $550

Visit Services – Price Page for more details.

Requirements for daycare?

Dogs must be vaccinated, and pass an evaluation before being allowed in group play. Dogs must be spayed / neutered by the age of six months.

Why does my dog need vaccinations to be eligible for daycare or boarding?

Dogs, like people, are prone to contagious illnesses. Vaccinations can minimize, or, in some cases eliminate the possibility of transmission of these illnesses and protect your dog as well as other dogs in our care.

What vaccines are required for daycare?

Rabies, Distemper parvo, Leptospirosis, bordetella all are required to keep your dog safe in daycare settings. K9 influenza is not required but recommended for daycare settings. 

When can my new puppy begin coming to dog daycare?

Puppies are welcome to join after being fully vaccinated usually around the age of four to five months. It is important for all puppy parents to know that puppies do not have the same stamina, immune systems or social skills as adult dogs and are more prone to communicable illnesses, much like young children. 

How to request a reservation for daycare or boarding?

Simply sign up or log in to customer portal, on left hand side choose book, then choose pet you are booking for and start booking. Choose Zoomie World and booking category choose daycare and then the type of booking and days you are wanting to book with us. Or contact us and we can help in any way needed.

How to set up a behavioral evaluation?

Contact us to discuss best date and time would work to bring your pet to start the evaluation process?

What is a behavioral evaluation?

As a part of joining the Zoomie World family our expert staff conducts a thorough behavior evaluation. These evaluations help ensure that your dog is happy and this is the right environment for them. This two day evaluation makes sure your dog is comfortable and social with staff, has social skills and assesses their play style with other dogs. Shows their comfort in both indoor and outdoor play spaces, in rest areas and kennels if needed. Ability to share resources like water and toys in social settings. This process gives us a chance to get to know you and your dog while your dog gets acquainted with their new favorite place away from home. Through both days your dogs comfort and safety is our top priority. Once your dog passes all the behavior evaluation, you are then welcome to sign up for any of our daycare or boarding services. 

Please bring vaccination proof, register your dog and sign all liability forms, leash and collar. (if dog has attended daycare prior short evaluation process may be sufficient)

Is my dog supervised and monitored for overnight boarding?

Yes we do have someone monitoring your dogs all night to ensure the highest safety while staying with us.

What do I need to bring for my dogs boarding stay?

When your dog is spending the night you should fill out all required forms online when registering your dog. Proof of vaccination needs to be uploaded. Please bring leash and collar, food and any medications your dog may be on for the duration of the stay. Home comforts are optional

Are dogs supervised at all times?

Yes dogs have supervision at all times 

Am I able to see the full facility?

Yes you are welcome to visit and tour the facility before enrolling. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Is there enough outdoor space to accommodate all dogs on nice days and indoor space when the weather is poor?

Zoomie World has both indoor and outdoor play areas large enough that all dogs can be inside or outside at any given time. We care about keeping dogs safe and comfortable any time of year. 

Are the facilities well equipped with toys?

We have plenty of toys for everyone and outdoor platforms. 

What if I would like to have my dog fed at daycare?

We will just need to know when your dog gets fed and food needs to be prepackaged for feeding times.
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